City Master Box Company
Solid state master fire alarm boxes
Vanasse, Hangen, Brustlin
Transportation Engineers
Mammoth Fire Alarm
Complete Fire Protection Supplier
Global Traffic Technologies
Traffic management, emergency vehicle preemption and signals
Monitoring and Response Management Systems
Alloy Castings
Cast Pedestal, Streetlight, Fire Alarm and Traffic Bases
GGI Road & Traffic
Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS), Roadway Sensors and other innovative products like the Quick Change Kit
Northeast Integrated Systems
Fire alarm and life safety solutions for commercial facilities
Ocean State Signal
Traffic Management Systems and Installation
Signal Communications Emergency Communications Manufacturer
Manufactures traffic control equipment
Gamewell FCI
Complete Fire Protection Manufacturer
Dialight Corporation
Manufacturer of indicators for circuit boards, instrument panels
McCain Incorporated
Manufacturer and supplier of traffic and transit solutions
Traffic Hardware + Design
Premium quality hardware for the traffic industry


Radar for smart traffic systems
Kingfisher Company, Inc.
Manufacturer of communication systems based on radio technology
Coastal Traffic, Inc.
Roadway/Intersections Product Sales and Solutions
General Traffic Equipment Corporation
Manufacturer of traffic control products
R.B. Allen
Complete Fire Alarm Systems Dealer
Marlin Controls
New England's Leading Distributor of Traffic Controls and Equipment
Highway Tech Signal Equipment
Signal Equipment Sales
Power & Tel Supply 
Distributor of traffic signal & communication cable, hardware, test equipment & tools
L.W. Bills Company
Municipal fire alarm and alerting industry
RBG, Inc.
Aerial buckets, cranes & diggers
Keltron Corporation
Life Safety Event Management Systems

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